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Dr. Charmian AndersonCharmian Anderson, Ph.D. is one of the first Doctors of Transpersonal Psychology in the United States. Her passion is assisting adults in realizing abiding peace and penetrating satisfaction in their day to day lives. She is a valuable servant because she not only has many years of education and clinical experience, she also has much exposure to the world of work and diverse professions. During the past 25 years Charmian has had a clinical practice in Corte Madera serving Marin County and San Francisco. The office is located 10 minutes north of the stunning Golden Gate Bridge (& 2 blocks off Highway 101 behind the Town Center).

Charmian has worked coast to coast in the United States, as a professional consultant with import-export companies, major museums, land development companies, a legislative advocacy coalition, and an advanced transportation firm.

She has executive experience hiring, training, and managing employees for two national corporations.

She worked in six states (10 cities) with forty senior managers, men and women who help run one of America's largest oil companies. The purpose was designing management and team development plans for the upcoming year.

A talented group of Swedish business people retained Dr. Anderson for years to introduce representatives from 400 companies in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland to American industry and leaders in the fields of physics, medicine, psychology, education, and business. The purpose was information exchange and creative problem solving within and across multiple industries.

During a two year period, she helped to organize quarterly gatherings of leaders in numerous and diverse religions for the purpose of dialogue. Dialogue is a method used to suspend opinion in order to clearly hear and understand what another person is saying. Through suspending bias, the leaders came to better appreciate the similarities, rather than the differences, among their religious beliefs and practices.

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